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To make your song selections you can either tick the song in our A-Z catalogue below, write the song name and artist in the ‘Additional Songs’ section, or do a combination of both.

Please choose a maximum of 50 songs for your reception (including any songs you have listed in the ‘Additional Songs’ section). Your DJ will play as many songs as possible from your song requests and may choose some additional tracks that will compliment your selections. If there are any songs/genres you definitely do not want played you can list them in the ‘Do Not Play’ list.


When making your selections, keep in mind that you will need some more chilled out tracks for meal service as well as upbeat dance floor tunes.

From our experience, we suggest steering clear of any explicit tracks or songs with content that may offend your guests.

If you have any tracks that vary from the original recorded version (eg. for choreography), you will need to supply us with the edited version you would like played. This also applies to any traditional world music that we may not be able to source. Please email these tracks as an MP3 no later than seven days prior to your wedding to

Please submit your online form no later than seven days prior to your wedding to ensure your DJ has sufficient time to source your requested tracks.

Song Selection Form

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